Open 08.00-23.00
Check in time 15.00-23.00
- Web check in is provided, please do your online check in before arrival.
  (fill in all the areas, sign and press submit).
- late arrivals must be informed (arrivals after 23.00 hours).
- distance marking at the floor in the waiting area (2 meters).
- disinfectants are placed at the Reception desk, please use when entered.
- room key is disinfected before given to the guest and is kept by the guest during whole stay till departure.
- the rooms are left empty according availability for 24 hours or at least for four hours after cleaned and disinfected carefully by special cleaning products.
Check out time till 11.00
-  settle your bill a day earlier.
- prefer payment by credit card.
- receipts and invoices are preferred to be sent electronically into your e-mail.
- remember to return your room key on time at the Reception so it can be disinfected for the next guest.

- the breakfast is served and available only upon request.
- the tables are set in proper distances according to Hellenic Government’s protocols.
- maximum number of people 6 in each table, except families.

Open 8.00-23.00
- snacks and drinks.
- prefer payment by credit card.
- self-service from the bar counter.
- keep 2m distance to a customer ahead you (distance marking in front of the bar counter).
- disinfectants are placed at the bar counter.
- maximum capacity seats at the same table 6 persons.
- side windows/doors open to guarantee maximum fresh air flow.
- bar staff wearing mask and gloves.
- the tables and chairs will be disinfected after customer leaves.

Before your arrival the room is cleaned strictly by using high specification cleaners with antibacterial and antimicrobial action. Extra attention is given to highly touched items like door handles, switches, remote controls and etc. The windows and balcony doors have left open, at least 4 hours, to guarantee fresh air flow in the room.
- housekeeping staff is wearing gloves, masks and robes.
- the gloves, masks and robes are changed before entering to next room. 
- bed linen and towels are carried in to a room in a special plastic bags in order to guarantee the best hygiene and placed on to the beds by housekeeping staff by wearing a plastic robe.
- dirty bed linen and towels are placed in to special plastic bags. 
- following the Hellenic Government’s protocols, daily cleaning, change of bed linen and towels only upon request.
- plastic bags are given to the guests, so room garbage should be placed out of the front door in the morning, in order the collecting by maids.
- room equipment will be cleaned and disinfected by special cleaners after costumer’s departure.
- windows will be left open after costumers’ departure in order to insure air circulation in the room. 
- the room air conditioning devise is functioning with open windows, to ensure the fresh air circulation.

Dirty linen and towels are placed in special plastic bags and transported to an external professional laundry where the washing at 90 degrees takes place and the drying and ironing.
Swimming pool is open 08.00-20.00.
Pool rules are written in a label standing by the pool.
- pool parasols are placed at least 3 meters per set.
- maximum 30 persons allowed in the pool at the same time.
- keep distance at least 2,5 meters to another person who is swimming.
- before and after entering the pool, guests need to have a shower and wash their hands with soap provided by the pool shower.
- the measurement of chlorine and PH of the pool water are measured every 4 hours and the measurements ranges between FCL 1-3 mg/l and the PH 7-7.8.

- non-residents are not allowed to enter the guest rooms and the swimming pool area.
- every room has its own veranda or balcony and its own open space entrance, there are no closed corridors.
- wash your hands regularly.
- keep distance within all hotel areas. 
- if you don’t feel well inform the Reception. 
- special equipment available at the Reception, when needed and in case of suspicious impact.
- in case of suspicious impact, the hotel has cooperation with an external doctor specialized in covid-19. 
- our hotel staff is trained in preventive measures of COVID-19 by taking part to Hellenic Government’s health content protocol seminars. 
- our hotel has received the “Health First” Certificate given by Hellenic Ministry of Tourism.

With compliments
The Family of Andromeda